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Johnny (actually) punishes Jin!

Akanishi Jin (27), who last month suddenly married Kuroki Meisa (23), is finally receiving his punishment from Johnny’s Jimusho. The 5 city 7 country-wide performance tour scheduled between April and May has been cancelled.

In an interview with Sanspo, the Jimusho stated “[Akanishi] has deviated from the etiquette as a member of society”, regarding his punishment. Currently, 3-month pregnant Kuroki Meisa has been effected by this event, and not informing the Jimusho and all related parties of the marriage registration on February 2nd, only informing afterwards, has resulted in heavy judgement.

In addition, the Jimusho stated “The debt made by the cancellation of the tour will be burdened by Akanishi.” Although tickets were yet to go on sale, the charge of renting venue seats still costs several million yen. With a cancellation, the fee a person will acquire can only be described as exceptional. 

Akanishi, who is currently active in America, has held his tour between the 9th and 17th in 5 U.S. cities. The Japan tour, which was supposed to be a triumphant return, was to be held in 5 cities, including Tokyo and Osaka, including 70 thousand people. The tour schedule was to be announced around the time the wedding news broke out.

"We are deeply sorry for all the terrible trouble we have caused to fans and related people," the Jimusho apologized. 

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Namie pissed at Uehara Takako?

A few days ago, SPEED’S Uehara Takako announced her engagement to the hip-hop group ‘ET-KING’ group member MC TENN. 

And it seems like Amuro Namie is pissed as Uehara’s very selfish actions.

Uehara announced her marriage to MC TENN on a live charity program regarding the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. However, because it wasn’t due to a pregnancy, not regarding a wedding ceremony or about being entered into the family registry, Uehara’s grand engagement announcement is drawing lots of criticism. 

In addition, the timing was bad. Uehara’s announcement came on the 20th anniversary of Amuro’s debut. Although there were plans to announce the anniversary with a grand return involving 20,000 people on TV, with Uehara’s unbelievable engagement announcement, Amuro is in disgust, and is laying her anger bare.

For dirtying up a senpai’s anniversary event and carelessly announcing her engagement, Amuro’s management is too apparently outraged.

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Yamada Yu loves a certain part of Oguri Shun too much to care about his cheating

On March 14th, actor Oguri Shun (29) and model-actress Yamada Yu (27) finally tied the knot with their marriage. Even with the continuous cheating rumors that arose concerning Oguri, Yamada somehow stuck it out until the end. 

And why is this?

Apparently, even if Oguri cheats, Yamada loves a certain part of Oguri too much to care.

In October 2011, full shots were taken of Oguri going to a love hotel with a beautiful woman.

According to two friends of Yamada, “At that point, no matter how many times they became apart due to Oguri’s cheating, they always got back together. For Yamada, even when he cheated, even while she was still mad, in the end she’d just say ‘Well, he is that kind of guy’, and return. At one time before, if a girl asked ‘What do you see in that cheating man?’, she’d laugh and say ‘I have a preference for faces.’ Even if we were joking, she’d remind us she was “Really a face type.”

Joking aside, she really loves Shun’s face. With Friday’s love hotel cheating stuff came out, of course she was in tears. But in the end, Shun bowed his head and they got back together, but in the conditions she would permit, there was talk that there had to be a marriage agreement. “ 

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Akanishi losing fans is serious, fails to chart #1 and apparently needs to poop too

Ex-KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin’s solo debut album “JAPONICANA” failed to top the weekly Oricon Album ranking number 1 spot, losing to Ikimonogatari, who took the spot for the second week. Unbelievably, Akanishi took the number two spot. Even more, as to further the blow, a “poop” rumor has spread, and it seems his misfortunes never come signly.

According to a recording industry insider, “Johnny’s Jimusho cares a lot about rankings. They check the days of when other artists will come out with albums or singles with the utmost care, and avoid days with veteran artists. They search for days they can definitely grab the number one spot for their talents. For Akanishi, before the marriage was announced, the day his single would go on sale had already been decided, and above all he is an artist who Johnny Kitagawa looks after.”

For Johnny, this all meant that the plan for Akanishi’s album was to “move Akanishi’s release date 1 week after veteran Ikimonogatari’s, and he’ll definitely acquire 1st place”. However of course, Ikimonogatari was successful in acquiring plentiful sales for the second week of their release album, giving Akanishi 2nd place.

According to a former recording industry worker, “Core fans have a sort of quasi-love with their talents. Those fans, by themselves, will buy 100 discs or even 1000 discs for their idols. However, with the marriage, those types of fans have gone away. What this means is that since those fans have gone away from Akanishi, he won’t be able to acquire the #1 spot again.”

Currently, Akanishi is in the middle of his American tour. According to an insider, “It seems like fans from Japan are going, but the number of people who go that far are  decreasing. Furthermore, it seems a little happening happened on the first day of the tour in Los Angeles.

Even though it was a 1 hour concert, there was a 15 minute intermission. There  is a rumor coming out that Akanishi rushed to the guest toilets. Before the break, Akanishi wasn’t dancing well and his face was rough, but after the intermission his face was refreshed and he danced casually. Apparently, he was controlling himself from taking a sh*t for the fans.”

Of course it can’t be that he needed to poop, but since he made such a fuss in that way, that sort of talk among the fans won’t desist. 

"However, it seems the service for this tour has been full throttle. On his first day is Los Angeles, Akanishi has hugged fans, and at his Hawaii concert talked with fans while signing autographs, and lastly taking pictures together. This type of fan-service isn’t something you would think of happening in Japan."

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"Couldn’t become SMAP…" Arashi’s anxiety as they fall from their peak

Since the mid-2000s, Arashi has sprung into the top artist seat, but since last year, their popularity has started to see gloom.

Arashi up to 2010 was filled with vigor. In the 2009 Oricon Yearly Ranking they held the Top 3 spots alone, and the next year sucessfully held first place on the same ranking, winning over AKB48. It was thought “Arashi’s Era” would continue. However, in the same ranking in 2011, in the Top 10 their 35th single “Lotus” took 6th place, and their 36th single “Meikyuu Love Song” took 7th.

Furthermore, Arashi has seen a decline in variety show viewership ratings. “Himitsu No Arashi-chan”, for example, has begun to stand out for making 10% ratings. Internet fans have stated “Arashi’s variety shows are just like other programs, so I’m tired of it,” or “They appear too much in the media, so I don’t have the willpower to search them out now.”

As thought, Arashi has finally reached their peak. A person connected to the entertainment world and knows about idol groups offers his knowledge:

"In the 2000s, Arashi appearing in the media increased, and they acquired many new fans. However on the other hand, they’ve lost the power to attract core fans who shell out money, and their popularity foundation is dwindling. At the same time, however, groups like Kanjani8 or Hey! Say! JUMP have acquired this power, and even new groups like Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, or A.B.C.-Z have become a topic."

In the industry, it was once said “SMAP’s era is over, its now Arashi’s era”, but it seems that talk is in the process of weathering. 

"Each of Arashi’s members have some type of charm, but do not have the strong, influential personalities like Kimura Takuya or Nakai Masahiro that allows you to reign over the entertainment world for a long time. If they lose the age they can be called "cute", Arashi’s members have lack of a personality to continue as the National Idol Group, or in other words, are too much this generation’s child.

Arashi’s bubble has reached its peak, and what comes next for them is now the real challenge. SMAP doesn’t have a member with higher education like Sakurai Sho, or a talented artist like Ohno Satoshi, but the question is can Arashi once more create their own era again? In any case, it looks like their real worth as an idol group can only be answered this year.”

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Something which I’m not sure I should laugh or cry about.

Jin Akanishi | That’s What She Said (JAPONICANA)


Word + Word = Neologism
Titty + Sexy = Tixy
Smile + Fake = Smike
Show + Romance = Showmance
Hot + Witch = Hotch
Slut + Bitch = Slutch
Japanese + English = Japanglish
Courage + Liquid = Swag Juice

Taking over 
Taking over

I’m thirsty - That’s what she said
I can’t drink this - That’s what she said
This is too much - That’s what she said
It’s huge - That’s what she said
This tastes funny - That’s what she said
My throat hurts - That’s what she said
I feel so good - That’s what she said
I need this
Chug it

Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Chug it
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 

Down up down up down up down down up up
Down up down up down up down down up up

Super + Clever = Slever
Stupid + Kid = Stukid
Wow + Damn = Wamn
Mom + Pop = I’m sorry
Fine + Chick = Fick
Dumb + Girl = Durl
Blackout + Drunk = Blunk
You + Me = Sex

Taking over
Taking over

I’m thirsty - That’s what she said
I can’t drink this - That’s what she said
This is too much - That’s what she said
It’s huge - That’s what she said
This tastes funny - That’s what she said
My throat hurts - That’s what she said
I feel so good - That’s what she said
I need this
Chug it

Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Chug it
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 
Swallow swallow swallow swallow 

To the right, to the left, to the left, to the left
Down up down up down up down down up up
Down up down up down up down down up up

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Apparently, Yamapi has a sex tape.

Yamashita Tomohisa, who left NEWS and has begun a solo career for himself, has now got something else creeping up. Suddenly, Yamapi’s sex tape video has apparently sprung up, and theres said to be a man walking around selling it.

Its said last year the man went to a weekly pictorial magazine and offered to sell the video for 3,000,000 yen. He also stated Yamapi’s partner in the video is a half-Japanese woman.

According to an editor at the magazine, “the video shows a naked man and woman in missionary position, but when the man turns his back we can’t surely tell if its Yamashita. We told him even if its the real thing, its not worth 3,000,000 yen. After that the man became silent and went home.”

The same man allegedly went to many different magazines, even the evening paper (where he had the video confirmed), and now has 4 sale propositions - but it still apparently has yet to be bought.

Speaking of half-Japanese women, Yamapi also had a relationship with Kagami Seira. 

If the video is real, and even if Johnny’s Jimusho pays twice the amount to retrieve it, the whereabouts of the video are currently unknown.


(Source: purichou.blog66.fc2.com)

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Jin pisses off important producer

It seems Jin is good at pissing people off.

With the news of Akanishi Jin’s marriage, rumors have been flying saying that its possible Akanishi could be let go from the agency, according to a well-informed insider, and now one more obstacle has appeared.

Akanishi has apparently had a huge fight with a big-shot Japanese producer. Supposedly, the producer was ticked off by Akanishi’s terrible manners.  ”Even though Akanishi bowed in apology, the producer didn’t forgive him”, according to an insider. “He’s never thought good of Akanishi and doesn’t have good feelings about his advancement in America either.”

The producer is said to be a singer and has powerful influence in the American music industry. Whether or not Akanishi’s tour across all of America succeeds or not is in the hands of reconciling with this producer.

(Source: purichou.blog66.fc2.com)

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Yamapi and Ryo warned to stay away from Jin?

On the 13th, Akanishi spoke from the Grammy’s concerning his marriage to Kuroki Meisa.  ”I’ve extremely sorry for the trouble I’ve caused” he said, apologizing. “From now on I’ll do my best, so please keep supporting me.” Akanishi was also enthusiastic about his current work. ”I would like to continue coexisting in both Japan and America” he stated.

So far, Akanishi has always been Johnny Kitagawa’s receiver of affection, but at the announcement of his marriage, Kitagawa made the statement to several magazines concerning Akanishi’s penalty “I must consider something”, he said, and with this, the existence of the ‘Akanishi Troop’ has also began to rise to the surface.

Years ago, the members of Johnnys who were known to have began partying with Akanishi in the heart of Roppongi include Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa, and outside of that Shirota Yu. 

The Akanishi Troop themselves are supposed to be a group with “blessing” but with the current marriage, it seems unmistakably at this rate the troop is headed towards a breakup.

With Johnny’s Jimusho being informed of Akanishi’s marriage through the newspapers, Yamashita and Nishikido were given the warning through the phone to “not get close to Akanishi anymore” and that the two would “suffer penalties” if the they were caught “going out together with Akanishi”.

Speaking of Yamashita, his drama “Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~” has garnered unexpected low ratings and whispers are flying of it being cut. In Nishikido’s corner, a lot is being expected from his activities with Kanjani8 and his life as a solo actor. The two have both had their fair share of scandals involving women, but it seems the Jimusho management sees Akanishi as the main source. Indeed, it seems that Yamashita and Ryo’s relationship with Akanishi might be broken off. Yet, even though the troop may be dissolved, it feels as though this will not better the current situation.

(Source: cyzo.com)

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